The past few months

We have been very busy over the past few months.  We have several new projects to share, all from different genres of media.  Let’s start at the beginning…

Our first big project was helping our home church, Resurrection Christian Community Church, establish a visual identity.  You can check out the site we designed at www.resurrectionccc.org

Here is the logo we created. The goal was a simple, distinct, and striking look.  The flame is representative of the many time fire is used in the Bible to describe the presence of God… whether that is in a bush, as a tongue on Pentecost, or within the belly of His people.

We also created the first ad campaign.  The thinking behind this again is simplicity.  The stark look allows the negative space to grab attention and then let the words speak as they are.  The use of font is key in distinguishing between religion and Jesus.

Here is the back of the flyer version

More to come soon…